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hisashiburi desu!

i missed posting blogs sorry guys. But now on I WILL! <==== hopefully it's not a lie LOLOLOLOLOL

anyways, preparing myself for Chain Kai!

It's only a few days awayyyyy! X3 see ya Gensan!

guess who will be my new cosplay character????????????? theme color is black and violet! and no i'm not gonna cosplay as a guy. T^T


setting that aside.

I supported my mom on a tennis tournament~~~~
even though she's a 1st runner up. She's still a champion to me. :) AIEEEEEE lolz

effin enemy FTW XD

and we had FUN FUN FUN with Kurumi and the others a while ago with all the craziness and stuff XD

well i think that's all for now. JA!~ SEE YA IN CHAIN! :3

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Care for scares?


FINALLY! no class tomorrow!! :D


at least i have time to make projects and all LOLOLOLOlOL yeah i'm still busy~

and also we won't gonna have regular class next week and the week after next week. XD
people are busy with the upcoming programs listed on the calendar~~~

and i'm doing my part too ahaha!

i'm having salad ang tauge for dinner~ with blue cheese for the dressing of the salad YUM!


already getting tired of practicing even though my role is not so important~ LOL

during dissmissal, we played a scary game called "House 2". XD

here's the link~

http://jayisgames.com/games/the-house-2/ (play if ya dare! XD)

now trackback----

we had dinner at a local restaurant near a park. I dunno, my dad suddenly wanted to have dinner outside the house~~~ *0*

i enjoyed drinking meh mango shake~ shuu yum

(hole ftw) XD

i also wanted to buy some items at the stalls so badly OTL but i can't cause i'm still saving for my cosplay plans ahahahahaha!!~

anyways~ i'm determined to crossdress naoo. :D start from simple and scratch first FAITO! be sure to see what my next cosplay is~

clue? It's MILITARY! 8D

well that's it for now~ じゃね~~~

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Tadaima~~ 2

tadaima!!~ (yeah as the title says)

how's the day guys??~

Congrats to Tafii!!~ (Thea) she has a blog naoo! LOLOLOLOL


exams were over last week. and the start of the 2nd quarter begins~ がんばって!!

and the remaining weeks for August will be busy too!
since we're gonna have our Science fair!!

projects are piling up OTL give me a break!!

but anyways, there will be more holidays and no classes so YEY for MEEHH!! >:D

DCE and CHAIN DAVAO was a success! woot were beginning to have so many cosplay events here~~

be sure to get updated for upcoming events! ^__^


powerpuffgirls? XD
(this was taken during our practice for the musical)

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It's tomorrow!! X3

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another day~~

*sigh* Hello Everyone~

our Culinary Festival has just ended today! woooo~

got tired. i didn't even won from the contest =__= oh well

all i did the whole day was drawing and inking. I WAS REALLY BORED XDD


i'll post it on FB later.


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