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CHAIN KAI! (The Actual Ver.) Pasmi adventures and the simple surprise!

Konbanwa minna!!

already FRAIIDEEYYY! Weekends coming!

I was really surprised that i got 19 likes on my last post! *0* thanks everyone!

and i'm really sorry if i didn't able to cosplay 'that'
there were some problems but you'll find me with others cos' we'll be on group cosplay!!


imma post my experience on Chain Kai here!


during the trip WONDERFUL VIEWWWW


we rode a bus to Gensan, they had the TVs and everything, but sadly they featured not-so-scary-movies with fail special fx. *facepalm*


some of the Pasmi members were here~~ :3


after the 2nd day of the event, we had to do our rehearsals for our performance on the next day.

Tired, we retreated to our rooms in the hotel. (The same hotel we checked in in the previous Chain event in Gensan!)

Maxene and Shinkei had to take refuge in our room. BUT IT'S OKAAYYY TEEEHEEEEE


and of cours, because of our hypernesss we all laughed and stuff. LOL

not to mention we did something for our Manager, Nakata-san for his birthday.


WE MADE A CARD FOR HIM!! though the message was a short but it really meant a lot. XD We didn't care if we didn't made it really wonderful, we were happy at least. (the letters were written like it was made by a kindergartner XD)

Kii (Thea) bought a donuts as an added gift, cause we didn't know it was his birthday by sunday. (we did a last minute, 30 minutes before 12 midnight and we acted like crazy on what to do)

the actual surprise part,,, (sorry i didn't took photos with this....also intended for private purposes)

we came down from the lobby bringing the donuts with the card inside it, greeted and sang a Happy Bday for him~

skipping the private part, we talked and talked until 1:45am and went back to sleep LOLOLOLOLOL though some of them haven't sleep yet and always laughed even though we wanted to sleep already =w=

soo the next morning.....THE BIG DAAYYY!!!!~~~


us before the mall opened XD

there were so many cosplayers attending, and we especialy me were so nervous to perform.
sorry, i was soo busy i didn't get to take many pics except this~

Maxene as Stocking Casual ver. CUUUTE

we also found this cute Xiaoyu cosplayer! ANKJCNAKLSJDLAKJOWIEU

but depsite all of that we were able to perform 2 songs! YAAYYY to PASMI!!

I almost cried cause we really wanted to dance it. Thanks to Kii's family! :)

"And also another reason why we wanted to perform badly is we wanted to give this as another form of present to 'him' :>" (if he didn't read this post then GOOD AHAHAHAHA)


Very tired but worth it.

we ate some cake, shuu yummyyyy (guess what the letters say? XD)

we had to depart by 6:30 pm cause we're one of the passengers >,<


us before we left. Emo much? XD

i'm gonna miss GENSAN again, but we'll see you guys again!

that's all THE END! 'til the next event! :3

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