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Good eve!

been busy again, and my friend had requested me to do this.


lolz yea. a magazine, pretty cool huh? :D i'm shu proud haha!

we need it for our newsletter project in CL (Christian Living Education thingy)

there was this one time i had to do it again cause the computer shut down and it wasn't saved D:

now my time for playing KH has reduced OTL gaaahhh


now my arm's sore for clicking like 3 hours just for this project. Oh well, it was worth it.

I'm off to drink tea!~ :>


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hisashiburi desu!

i missed posting blogs sorry guys. But now on I WILL! <==== hopefully it's not a lie LOLOLOLOLOL

anyways, preparing myself for Chain Kai!

It's only a few days awayyyyy! X3 see ya Gensan!

guess who will be my new cosplay character????????????? theme color is black and violet! and no i'm not gonna cosplay as a guy. T^T


setting that aside.

I supported my mom on a tennis tournament~~~~
even though she's a 1st runner up. She's still a champion to me. :) AIEEEEEE lolz

effin enemy FTW XD

and we had FUN FUN FUN with Kurumi and the others a while ago with all the craziness and stuff XD

well i think that's all for now. JA!~ SEE YA IN CHAIN! :3

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Care for scares?


FINALLY! no class tomorrow!! :D


at least i have time to make projects and all LOLOLOLOlOL yeah i'm still busy~

and also we won't gonna have regular class next week and the week after next week. XD
people are busy with the upcoming programs listed on the calendar~~~

and i'm doing my part too ahaha!

i'm having salad ang tauge for dinner~ with blue cheese for the dressing of the salad YUM!


already getting tired of practicing even though my role is not so important~ LOL

during dissmissal, we played a scary game called "House 2". XD

here's the link~

http://jayisgames.com/games/the-house-2/ (play if ya dare! XD)

now trackback----

we had dinner at a local restaurant near a park. I dunno, my dad suddenly wanted to have dinner outside the house~~~ *0*

i enjoyed drinking meh mango shake~ shuu yum

(hole ftw) XD

i also wanted to buy some items at the stalls so badly OTL but i can't cause i'm still saving for my cosplay plans ahahahahaha!!~

anyways~ i'm determined to crossdress naoo. :D start from simple and scratch first FAITO! be sure to see what my next cosplay is~

clue? It's MILITARY! 8D

well that's it for now~ じゃね~~~

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Harooo minnaa~~~~

how's ur day today?

i'm gonna post a TRACKBACK today. :D

on the day when we had a baking activity last fraidey. XDD

prepared materials for baking~~~~


our teacher was being crazy when we didn't follow some instructions and i laughed to myself. LOLOLOLOLOL

we mixed all the ingredients being instructed to be placed in the batter
these are leftovers XD (flour, baking powder etc, al MIXED up.)


we were also taught to make simple icing using egg whites and sugar. YUM :9

after all the procedures being done~ we placed our mixture inside the oven, we had to wait for like 30-45 min for the cake to rise.


and THERE finished. But it kinda failed cause we did the wrong way of mixing the batter. (a couple of lefts and rights XDD) but it's still yummy as the teacher had said~


we tasted the other group's finished product even though they failed too XD i like the Tuesday group's cake, it's sweet >,< (we're Monday XDD god thing it wasn't FRAIDEY LOLOLOLOL)

well that's it. But we'll strive to make a better and more yummy cake next time, WITH KEWL ICING. >8D

to iu koto de~

our school's organized an orientation for the earthquake drill. Darn it, i got scared of earthquakes naoo O__O

and mom made some kind of Indian bread for merienda today~~ YUM YUM YUM 8DDD
(bread looks weird LOLOLOL but it's really how it looks)

Picture 001

EXAM'S FAST APPROACHING! DD8 ganbatte to myself.

btw, my serious side ish coming back again.

I'll be posting another trackback tomorrow~ JA!!~

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Abreeza opens tomorrow.

Haro Haro Shinigami-sama!~

minna genki??

Abreeza's soft opening will be tomorrow!


I'm excited what Abreeza mall will look like even if only the 1st floor ish finished. XD
i bet it's reaaaaaaaaaaallllyyyy BIG 8D KYAAAA

I'll be cosplaying as Panty again! XD <- - panty shoes LOL

see ya guys there!

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