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Nothing special~~


it's a very peaceful Sunday for me today. Maybe~~

Yesterday was also my cousin's birthday~~ it was a PARTEH alright. I only managed to sleep for 3 hours. OTL


her lovely birthday cake~~ i wish mine's like that one too when my birthday comes~~ @__@

anyways, I had fun playing with my childhood friends and some other cousins. We played Dance Central 2; Just Dance 3 and any other games that involves dancing. XD

Then a while ago, me and my bro went to buy gifts for our upcoming Xmas party this FRAIDEY. And i saw this interesting toy to play with. Giant Cockroach! XD

it would be also nice to use it for pranks~~! XD


not much interesting things to share today though~ T^T

Oh! MCS FINALS is almost near!! see ya guys there!! :D

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It's tomorrow!! X3

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A good day. :3

wazzup guys? XD (nvrmnd ze kewl language)

as i said, imma remind mehself to update 8DD

Today's great!

good weather~~ (and i thought it was gonna rain again LOLZ)

I got high scores in quizzes and i even participated! 8D *evil giggles*
well, i'm just proud of mehself.

Exam's fast approaching! DD8 so i need to be serious naooo. lllOTL


after classes, i accompanied one of my school friends to an Acting Club.
GAD people were really good at acting O__O i salute ya guys! Some of them even cried, REALLY.

and also i'm a bit amazed at our Fil teacher. She's really kinda tough. >,< but she said there's no problem to students who don't have any problem with her, and i'm one of those people so...XD

APSA test ish tomorrow *LE GASP*

...but i dun care, i don't need to study about it anyway TROLOLOLOLOLOL

ALSO! here's a drawing request from my classmate. awwwe :> (they're so sweet!, AND DON'T TRY TO GUESS WHO'RE THEY LOLZ)


i'll post when it's really finished! :3
That's ALL! JA~~~!!!

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Rainy Day. =__=

Heya guys!

sorry for not posting again lately. XD

i didn't want to post private stuff, and i ran out of ideas so... >,<


how are you guys?

here in Davao, it's been raining hard lately, and i got wet twice in two days. WOOT lolz

owh and also~
i got addicted to this anime; Kore wa zombie desu ka? XD
seriously it's addictingly funny with all Ayumu crossdressing and his fantasies to other humoric scenes I CAN'T GET OVER IT YA KNOW!! 8D

*slaps herself*

sigh...now that i've calmed myself down.

I've decided to be serious in meh STUDEEHHHSSSZZZZ 8DD
since i'm a graduating student and i have still other responsibilities to take care off. But i'm not stressed or anything okay? LOLOL GAMBATTE SHIMASU KARA!!

sore to, Best wishes to Emi Amane!(YAY BLUE! LOLZ) Well, she's in Japan now, but i hope she'll be always safe and keep in touch with us here. goodluck to your exams too!

well, that's all. I'll keep reminding myself to update meh blog! >,<


(it says: I am Anbu Stocking!!~)
had fun editing this XD

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Woot!~ another trip to Gensan! :D

haroo minna!~

yes, i forgot to update my blog again =__=


Me and Emi went to Gensan!~ X3

we cosplayed as Panty and Stocking. YAAY
but Emi forgot to bring her ribbons (for her hair and the belt one) XD

despite all that, we still got to enjoy with other K.A.G.E members! :D
they were awesome!

i'm really excited to go back there! X3 Chain will be coming soon~~

forgive me, i didn't have any photos to post. But some pics will be posted by Emi later. ^^ (i'm glad she brought her camera XD)

well, after that, we all had a trip back home (Davao)
a bit nauseous but still ok LOLZ

well that's all.

I'm gonna post some Pasmi related scenes for tomorrow's blog of the day! ^^ Tataaa~~

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